Simon Heap Reports…New Season opens with BBC2 visit!

Ending the 2014-15 programme, Tony Stafford gave an excellent display on the British Salonika Force of half-a-million men operating in the First World War and beyond. 200,000 soldiers died, but only a small proportion in battle. The new season kicked off with the important business of paying our subs and collecting our 2015-16 programme booklets, while in the background a Silent Auction was held.

I am happy to report that member Alan Hughes has completed his extensive research into our 125 year history. We hope to sure the fruits of his labours in the coming months, including in a future issue of ABPS.

In early October, members displayed material on Canada. A team from BBC2 were present to film member Vic Thorpe as part of their forthcoming documentary on Generation Lifestyles.

1510-Oxford Photo for ABPS