My Recent Acquisitions…a popular Meeting!

Mon 4 Feb 2019

Present 20+ members.   12 Displays + 1 display from previous Sports / Hobbies Topic of 4 Jan !


Vic Thorpe : Latest GB Stamps issue; 3 x Dutch Mini-Sheets used on parcel to the UK; a set of mint GB FRAMA from the 70s ; Poached Eggs and 5 x U/I ‘stamps’ presumed to be PO training but not confirmed.


Laurie Simons : A stock sheet with many Penny Reds and one two-penny blue – all used with a variety of cancels and previous owners notes. Some remarkable -but unassuming – rarities of great value found.


Paul Dickinson : an extensive range of mint GB Wildings, Cinderellas of Austrian origin eg Princess Elisabeth and battleship SMS Viribus Unitis plus a Lundy Puffin !   Stephen Marks provided more detail of the ship and its actions in the Adriatic in WW1.


Alan Cowie : the GB New stamp issue ( of RPSL note ); Indian stamps of KGV and KGVI plus the simple mint set of KGVI Nigeria; Japanese Foreign Mail Roller cancels of the 1930s including late usage in 1950; 3 x Japanese covers with, respectively, Large commemorative and Large Scenic cancels plus the very scarce ( willingly ) ‘ OVERPAID’ cachet.


Bill Jackson : additions to Bill’s collection of dead countries / stamp issuing authorities including Stampalia (!). 1930s SON postmarks from the Belgian Congo; Danish West Indies stamps; also from Kionga ( later in GEA ); a card of unusual overprinted stamps not all identified; and some curiosity stamps from Austria.


Charlie Buxton : focus on GB KGVI high values especially the £1 RSW ( FDC to the USA ) and the 1937 £1 on large parcel piece and 11 of the Festival £1 on NHS revenue document.


Mick Bratley : Items issued by GB for the 100th Anniversary of the RAF including a commemorative medallion ( Mick’s father was in the RAF ). Also showed 2016 omnibus collection of our Royal platinum Wedding Anniversary.


Mike Kitson : A large collection of Austrian PO cancels on stamps.- several hundred or more with POs as far afield as present day Romania. Some / many extremely scarce cancels.


David Potts : a group of Austrian Black ( and colour ) Print proofing stamps on A5 presentation sheets. Wei-Hai-Wei stamps & postcard. plus impressive China mint sets from the 1970s. Russian 1931 Zeppelin issue sets and Greek ‘Enosis’ set with Hansard quotations.


Ray Mutton : Bird Stamps and paper currency ( Cinderella ) issued by Len Hill for his Jason and Steeple Islands off the NW Falklands group. ( Len Hill was founder of the Birdland in the Cotswolds.)


Bob Spencer : A collection of pre-stamp and later covers from the Channel Islands – several with enclosed letters or notices- internal but also to France.


Stephen Marks : unidentified Cinderella items include one with Yiddish overprint on Polish area stamp ( unique Y language overprint ? ). Cover with SAMOS stamps; a souvenir folder of 1946 Czech origin commemorating Jan Masaryk; Belgian railway stamp used on freight card; 1919 cover between Austrian and Danish stamp dealers.


Priscilla Morris :  Fresh from her visit as an Arbiter at the Gibraltar Chess Congress,  P showed  her last week’s addition of the new World Heritage Site of Gorham Cave, Gibraltar (2016). and also some Australian scenic stamps, which I now discover are in fact World Heritage Sites series 1 (1993) and series 2 (1996).



All in all, a very varied and interesting morning which did not end until 1245 hours.


Sorry you weren’t there Simon !

AC 4 Feb ’19