Simon reports on our Autumn 2019 Meetings

Oxford started its 2019/20 season in September with its Silent Auction, which may be “quiet” as prospective buyers examine items brought in by members and quietly place their bid on the bidding form. However, with annual subscriptions to be paid, and the usual busy bourse in play, the Rose Hill Methodist Church Hall was far from “silent”!

Later that month, Peter Pugh of Rugby PS provided a most interesting display of picture postcards illustrating the construction and use of the Trans-Siberia railway from its start in 1891 up to 1912 together with covers from Hong Kong & PO in Treaty Ports, with all pages profusely illustrated with photography of the trains and ships enabling the mail to run from Hong Kong to Europe by this route. He also covered the effects of the 1910-11 Plague in the Harbin region.

It is not often that the word ‘Philatelist’ appears on a Blue Plaque attached to a building of a celebrated figure. Yet a special event occurred on 8th October with the unveiling of a Blue Plaque to Frank Arthur Bellamy, our founding Secretary and Treasurer, and his niece, Ethel, whose career was also worthy of note.

Dr Simon Heap