Simon reviews our recent meetings:

We were grateful to Martin Farr and Graeme Stewart of Thatcham Philatelic Society for giving an interesting evening of displays on Chinese Myths and Legends, Hiroshige’s Tokaido Road, and Post Boxes.

At the next meeting, two of our members, Alan Cowie and Bill Jackson displayed the contrasting philatelic histories of Iraq and France. Colin Searle of Stratford on Avon Philatelic Society then treated us to a lovely display of Gibraltar, which included the innovative and helpful use of PowerPoint slides to allow for close up analysis of stamps without the audience having to get their illuminated magnifying glasses out!

December saw three events. First, members took the letter “O” in all sorts of ways to show Obock, Oceanic Settlements, Officials, Oil, Oil Rivers, Olympics, Oman, Orange River Colony, Osterreich, Overprints, Owls and concluded with a charming display by Ray Mutton of the Oxford High Street. Second, our now well-established Christmas lunch at the Royal British Legion allowed members to have an excellent meal before facing the customary tricky but rewarding quiz. The month concluded when our longest serving member, Bob Spencer, gave a fascinating account of Early Spain up to 1939.

The first meeting of 2020 was a morning one with members displaying on ‘Space and Telecommunications’, which proved there are a lot of space stamps to collect! Displays included Sputnik and Apollo missions, the Space Race between America and the Soviet Union/Russia then joint issues between them, Nigeria in the Space Age, as well as radio, telephone and GB’s television-related stamps of Dr Who, Thunderbirds, and Wallace and Gromit!

Dr Simon Heap