OPS Virus-Period Update

Your committee send good wishes to one and all. Hopefully all who open this note will be well enough to read it – and hopefully react to share a few comments or news items of their own.

The OPS committee has been ‘meeting’ in virtual manner using the ZOOM video conferencing application. Although its use is booming, it is early days for our Society. Nevertheless, we have now used it twice and are encouraged to use it more until such time as we can resume a normal, healthy, Society programme.

On Monday 18th May, the following joined a ZOOM meeting organised by Priscilla : David Potts, Bill Jackson, Mike Kitson, Colin Davies, Ray Mutton, Alan Cowie, and the following points were covered.

Finance : Priscilla updated on the account generally and reported that the £490 donation to Rose hill Methodist Church agreed at the previous meeting had now been paid (same as last year). The recommendation to the AGM for next year’s subscription would still be for an increase from £10 to £12 pa., as proposed at last year’s AGM.

Library : Unfortunately no access to the Library is possible until further notice. The purchase of the 2020 SG Concise GB Catalogue was however discussed and its purchase agreed at a cost of £32.95. It has now been pre-ordered for delivery in June. Thinking of other possible purchases of specialist catalogues, it was requested that the revised library list be circulated via the Society web site. Alan C would speak with Alan H on this matter.

Packet : Regarding the Packet, Colin D confirmed that circulation was on hold but suggested it was a good time to make up books ready for the resumption. In answer to David P’s query, he confirmed that the Sale price should be entered in red ink/biro.

Programme : After some discussion the future year’s programme was finalised with the designation of the 4 Jan 2021 morning meeting as a members’ display day focussing on the subject of ‘ Health & Fitness’.

The Web-Site : OPS Members reading this are reminded of the Chat-line options on this web site and are encouraged to post their comments, news, and views.

Next Meeting : The next ZOOM Meeting is scheduled for Monday  8th June at noon. Priscilla will host and send out the necessary links, ID and PW to any member who wishes to join in. They will need to download the Zoom app and let Priscilla know their email address.

AC 21 May 2020

Note from Priscilla:

I will send out a zoom link at about 11.55a.m. If you already have Zoom set up, you will only need to type in the meeting number and password. If you have not accessed Zoom before and want to do so, then there are two ways of getting in:

1. At any time – • Open “zoom.us” in your web browser. • Select “Download Zoom Client” from the “RESOURCES” menu at the top of the page. • Follow instructions from the website.

2. If you know a meeting which is open – • Open “zoom.us” in your web browser. • Select “JOIN A MEETING” from the top of the page • Enter the meeting ID number. • Download and install the client when prompted.

Cheers, Priscilla

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