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Zoom into the New Year!

Our Zoom meetings are continuing at 4.15 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the month, corresponding with our Programme dates. But of course, our published Programme remains on hold until we are allowed and willing to meet again! Meanwhile we have about ten Members keen to tell each other about our latest acquisitions and to offer up scanned-in material for mutual enjoyment. It is also a chance to check that we are still all OK.

ON January 4th, Julian showed us a couple of his recent acquisitions (covers  with interesting stories). Then Colin showed us some African Commonwealth George V1. I had found a few pages of a 2007 display “X on stamps” with a rather broader interpretation of “the letter X” that people were expecting…well, I’ve got to do something with all the low value stamps that I seem to acquire! I might try adding that one to our new “slideshows” page for some unsophisticated fun. David Potts rounded off with more “One stamp from every country/territory listed in the index to Stanley Gibbons SOTW”, D-M, I think, and then we ran out of time. The next Meeting is on Monday 18th January….do join us to chat about your collections and to show them as well! [ID 693 8195805 Passcode 928886 as usual]

Cheers, Priscilla

Christmas is coming…on Zoom

There were nine of us today…the joy of seeing and hearing familiar faces and voices sharing a common interest…our Membership is up to forty-two now and we would love to see more of you for our last two meetings of this year. David showed us part of his “One stamp from every country/territory listed in the index to Stanley Gibbons SOTW”, just the A to C pages…it is a massive undertaking and very challenging of our general knowledge! Alan C. was inspired (by a B page) to display some of his early Belgian Congo sets – the 1923 one printed by the American Bank Note Co. and later by Waterlow and Sons is such a finely detailed set of engravings. Julian showed us some more overseas frankings on British stamps heading for Jersey…you can see them on the new “Slideshows” page.

Next week (7th Dec) Julian will give us a Christmas-related display, finishing off with a debate on which is the first Christmas stamp – it’s all in the definition. The following week (14th Dec.), Mike K. will be challenging us with a quiz, which will be half and half philately and general knowledge…help from the family is welcomed! As we cannot fit it all in forty minutes, we will have a restart…just rejoin on the same ID and pass-code as usual [693 819 5805 pass-code 928886}. We practised doing this today and all nine managed it OK within about three minutes…even A.H!

See our New Acquisitions and Slideshows on two new pages!

Some of us Members of the Oxford Philatelic Society have been meeting up on Monday afternoons on Zoom to talk about our collecting interests and use the Share-Screen feature to show each other material that we have scanned into our computers. We have now developed a couple of website pages to allow those who cannot access these Zoom meetings to see some of this material. Of course, we Zoomers also get the chance to see it again and to read the interesting write-ups…perhaps not so good as having it presented to us by the authors, but the best we can do until face-to-face Meetings can take place again. If you feel like contributing to these pages but cannot come to the Zoom sessions, just send us an email or leave a message on this post. Single scanned pages accompanied by a short description and reason for selection are welcomed as well as multi-page written-up displays. We know how keen Members are to share their “finds”…now you have the opportunity…and it is much appreciated.



Present :  David Potts ( Chair ) ; Dr Simon Heap; Bill Jackson,  Priscilla Morris; Neil Hancox; Alan Hills; Mike Kitson; Ray Mutton, Colin Davies, Alan Cowie ( Secretary ) . 


 The agenda was as set out below.  Notes on outcomes are added in red.

  1. President’s Welcome / Opening Words.
  2. Subscriptions.  Priscilla please to report on membership reaction to the subscription choice.  Ratification of the Annual Subscription fee.

30 subs received so far.( 26 @  £12 and 4 @  £10 )  Agreed annual subs to be £12 in future. Priscilla to send chasers as necessary esp those taking the packet. Subs must be paid by end of 2020.

  1. Committee changes :  Programmes Secretary  /  Librarian.

No volunteers as yet. Both Bill & Alan will cover until a replacement comes forward.

  1. Wider use of ZOOM for programmed Presentations / Open Meetings.    Appeal, publicity, frequency, start ?

Weekly ZOOM meetings to continue until Xmas Quiz on Mon 14 Dec. Participants encouraged to share scans of recent  acquisitions . Start up again on Mon 4 Jan but on a fortnightly basis .( 1st and 3rd Monday of month  )

  1. The Packet.  Any need for change to current practice ( ? ) 

No. Continue as now. MK wishes to re-join the pkt circuit.

  1. The Library.  Alan Hills to brief on current situation . 

Some discussion over purchase of new catalogues but all agreed no action until wider consultation of members possible.

  1. Xmas Quiz.   On ZOOM.   Date / Time ?  Prizes ?  Mike K to propose.

Date :  Mon 14 Dec 4.15pm – preceded with some questions by eMail on previous days.  No prizes possible this year.

  1. A Regular Newsletter ?  On the Web and to others without computers.  Frequency? Editor ?

No.  Use of the OPS web-site to fill the bill – to be expanded to include a ‘ picture page’ with members submitting photo-scans of recent or prized acquisitions. Priscilla to notify members of this development.

  1. Proposal for OPS to subscribe to ZOOM. 
Thanks to Julian for offer but present ZOOM arrangements to stand.
  1. Any otherbusiness

 Nil.  Next meeting in 3 months time or so .


Recorded by Alan C  9 Nov 20                  Approved :  David Potts 10 Nov 20


OPS…new Library arrangements

As you know, we are still unable to resume our Meetings at Rose Hill Methodist Church which, although open for a Sunday Service, is currently being used mainly as a Food Bank. Alan Hills has kindly retrieved much of our library content and has it at his house in Wheatley. If you wish to borrow anything (see our Library Catalogue amongst the web pages  above), then give him a ‘phonecall.

I am just off on holiday for a week, so there will be no Zoom Meeting on Monday 5th Oct. I don’t think that the Isles of Scilly produce any stamps, except cinderellas or local post (although there was a British set of Spring flowers from the Isles of Scilly way back 9p-13p)…but I’m sure that someone will have something to show us when I get back for Monday 12th…4.15 p.m. as usual.

Cheers, Priscilla



OPS virtual AGM…keeping in touch

Alan Cowie has just emailed us with all the reports for the virtual AGM, which is supposed to happen before the start of the New Season. Members without computer technology have been sent paper copies. We have had some good Zoom Meetings recently with displays of material that has been scanned in. David Potts will be showing us some of his Egyptian collection today at 4. 15 p.m. The Zoom Meeting identifier is 693 819 5805 and the password is 928886  Make sure that your name is visible to me as I won’t admit anyone that I don’t recognise!

OPS Virus period…Update 4…Stamp displays have an audience of 13 now!

Last Monday’s 4.15 p.m. Zoom session was attended by a record thirteen Members who, as well as being able to catch up with each other’s news, were treated to a display by Julian about the postal history of the Levant and a range of interesting forgeries. This week, we will be sampling some of Julian’s cricket collection, whilst the exciting test match follow-on is being rained off in Southampton.

The Committee met after the last Zoom session to discuss our next season, which should start with our belated AGM. But it seems very unlikely that the Rose Hill Methodist Church will be ready to receive indoor Club Meetings for the foreseeable future. In September we will be sending out the usual (optimistic) Presidential Letter and Programme, together with the Membership Renewal form. We will also send out the minutes of the last AGM and a voting paper to re-elect the existing Committee, noting that there will be a vacancy for the position of Librarian. The audited accounts made up to the end of July will also be included. You may recall that your Treasurer was going to recommend an increase in Subscription from £10 to £12 at this AGM – to apply for this new season. You may vote for this by enclosing either £10 or £12 with your Membership Renewal form!

Cheers, Priscilla

OPS Virus-period update 3. Stamps can be shown!

Our weekly Zoom meetings continue to be well attended and we encourage members to share details of recent  purchases or other items from their collections such as  these 2 sheets of Austrian cinderellas most of which date from pre 1918 and range from  children’s charity and World War 1 propaganda labels to German  Language Societies and advertising brands of chocolate. (part of a recent Ebay purchase by David Potts).

Do contact me if you want to join in the Zoom Meeting, now at 4.15 p.m. on Mondays…(see previous posts)…Priscilla (website manager).

OPS Virus period Update-2: Packet circulation to resume

Today I sent out emails to seventeen members inviting them to join a Zoom session. Attendees were Colin, Alan C, David P., Simon R., Neil, Mike K., Ray and myself. Send me an email if you would like to join us on Monday mornings at noon. You don’t need to have a built-in camera but you will need a microphone (built-in or plugged in) to participate. You will also need to download the Zoom app or some Zoom software, but I believe that it is unnecessary to set up a Zoom account unless you want to be able to host meetings yourself (see end of previous post).

We have decided to restart the Packet Circulation and Colin has written a set of new rules to help us with the social distancing aspects. Those people holding the boxes already in circulation should ensure that the next willing participant is able to pass the packet on again (i.e. not immobilised by lock-down restrictions). Colin writes:

Oxford Philatelic Society Amended packet rules due to Coronavirus – June 2020

In an effort to help with the restarting of the stamp packet we have made temporary amendments to the packet rules as follows:

1 The turnaround time will be increased from 3 to 4 days to 7 days. This means the packet can be left for a period of 3 days, in quarantine, before being looked at

2 The recipient will not be expected to sign for the packet but the person handing it over should enter the date and recipient’s details on the remittance return slip, in the usual way.

3 The person delivering the packet should place it on the recipient’s doorstep, withdraw by at least 2 metres, and wait for the recipient to answer the door. Please ensure you witness the recipient collecting the packet. It must not be left unattended at any time.

4 If the recipient or anyone in their household have coronavirus symptoms they should not accept the packet.

5 Members are reminded that the packet is not insured and they may therefore be liable for any loss.

Colin Davies Packet Secretary, 8th June 2020

Cheers, Priscilla

OPS Virus-Period Update

Your committee send good wishes to one and all. Hopefully all who open this note will be well enough to read it – and hopefully react to share a few comments or news items of their own.

The OPS committee has been ‘meeting’ in virtual manner using the ZOOM video conferencing application. Although its use is booming, it is early days for our Society. Nevertheless, we have now used it twice and are encouraged to use it more until such time as we can resume a normal, healthy, Society programme.

On Monday 18th May, the following joined a ZOOM meeting organised by Priscilla : David Potts, Bill Jackson, Mike Kitson, Colin Davies, Ray Mutton, Alan Cowie, and the following points were covered.

Finance : Priscilla updated on the account generally and reported that the £490 donation to Rose hill Methodist Church agreed at the previous meeting had now been paid (same as last year). The recommendation to the AGM for next year’s subscription would still be for an increase from £10 to £12 pa., as proposed at last year’s AGM.

Library : Unfortunately no access to the Library is possible until further notice. The purchase of the 2020 SG Concise GB Catalogue was however discussed and its purchase agreed at a cost of £32.95. It has now been pre-ordered for delivery in June. Thinking of other possible purchases of specialist catalogues, it was requested that the revised library list be circulated via the Society web site. Alan C would speak with Alan H on this matter.

Packet : Regarding the Packet, Colin D confirmed that circulation was on hold but suggested it was a good time to make up books ready for the resumption. In answer to David P’s query, he confirmed that the Sale price should be entered in red ink/biro.

Programme : After some discussion the future year’s programme was finalised with the designation of the 4 Jan 2021 morning meeting as a members’ display day focussing on the subject of ‘ Health & Fitness’.

The Web-Site : OPS Members reading this are reminded of the Chat-line options on this web site and are encouraged to post their comments, news, and views.

Next Meeting : The next ZOOM Meeting is scheduled for Monday  8th June at noon. Priscilla will host and send out the necessary links, ID and PW to any member who wishes to join in. They will need to download the Zoom app and let Priscilla know their email address.

AC 21 May 2020

Note from Priscilla:

I will send out a zoom link at about 11.55a.m. If you already have Zoom set up, you will only need to type in the meeting number and password. If you have not accessed Zoom before and want to do so, then there are two ways of getting in:

1. At any time – • Open “” in your web browser. • Select “Download Zoom Client” from the “RESOURCES” menu at the top of the page. • Follow instructions from the website.

2. If you know a meeting which is open – • Open “” in your web browser. • Select “JOIN A MEETING” from the top of the page • Enter the meeting ID number. • Download and install the client when prompted.

Cheers, Priscilla