Competition Results

OPS Competition Results – History

The Graham White Shield (formerly OPS Shield)(Traditional )
Eric Oak Memorial Cup (Postal History )
President’s Cup (Thematic )
Certificate (Social Philately/Open Class)
The Tim Lardner Shield (Cinderella )
OPS Junior Cup
The Novice’s Trophy (new for 2016)

Past Winners by Class

The Graham White Shield Eric Oak Memorial Cup President’s Cup Social Philately Certificate The Tim Lardner Shield OPS Junior Cup The Novice’s Trophy
2009 David Potts Mike Kitson David Potts Mike Payne David Potts N/A
2010 David Potts Mike Kitson David Potts N/A David Potts N/A
2011 David Potts Alan Cowie Mike Payne N/A David Potts Jack Bowler
2012 Alan Cowie Mike Kitson Mike Payne Tristan Brittain David Potts N/A
2013 Colin Davies Alan Cowie Mike Payne Tristan Brittain David Potts N/A
2014 David Potts Tristan Brittain Mehmet Guney David Potts N/A N/A
2015 Colin Davies Alan Cowie Mike Payne N/A David Potts N/A
2016 Colin Davies Mike Kitson Mike Payne David Potts Colin Davies N/A Neil Hancox
2017 Colin Davies Alan Cowie Mike Payne David Potts N/A N/A Ray Mutton
  Traditional Postal History Thematic Social Cinderella Junior Novice


Class Entrant Title Marking Pos’n


Colin Davies Post office workers strike fund raising stamps. 77 1
POSTAL HISTORY Alan Cowie Japanese Paquebot Marks 80 1
Tristan Brittan Postal History of Harar to 1898 79 2
Bob Spencer Covers & cards of the Spanish civil war period. 72 3
THEMATIC Mike Payne ‘Tiger, Tiger’ 73 1
OPEN David Potts China – propaganda mail of the cultural revolution 85 1
David Potts Abbazia – Tourism Between The Wars 82 2
Bob Spencer Insurance – A Force For Good 70 3
NOVICE ( THEMATIC ) Ray Mutton The Battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands 83 1
Mike Bratley Classic Cars 58 2
  • Winners of each Class go forward to the TVPF regional competition.
  • Oxford PS may make 2 entries per Class but individuals may make only one entry themselves.       Hand to Mike Kitson at 6 March OPS Meeting.
  • TVPF Competition & Prizegiving at Thatcham / WESTPEX 25 March 2017
  • All entrants please to show their entries at the OPS evening meeting on Mon 24 April. Displays may be modified if modified for WESTPEX.


Judges : Tony Stanford & Rex Dixon. 10 entries including 2 novice class entries


Judged as Traditional Class rather than Cinderella as the stamps were postaly valid. Very interesting story, especially with all stamps being signed. On arrangement, would have preferred the two Paolozzi covers on the same sheet, even if the stamps overlapped. That would leave the two Allen Jones covers on separate sheets. Marks : 77 – 1st in Class ( 1 entry ).

  1. JAPANESE PAQUEBOT MARKS. A very attractive exhibit but does not follow a clear plan. Some doubts about whether all covers are truly Paquebot covers.   Marks : 80 – 1st in Class ( 3 entries ).
  2. POSTAL HISTORY of HARAR to 1898. Good exhibit with nice material well explained. Presentation could be much improved with more balanced & consistent layout. Suggest buff coloured paper. Would be good to mention when the UPU joined and find an earlier cover to add to ‘empty dates’ at end. Marks : 79 – 2nd ( 3 entries ).
  3. COVERS & CARDS of the SPANISH CIVIL WAR PERIOD. Need to reduce scans on reverse and put on same sheet as front. Use of colour for scans and buff paper would enhance. More info on postal rates used and bibliography. Marks : 72 – 3rd ( 3 entries )
  1. TIGER, TIGER. Follows the plan with good thematic knowledge. Philatelic knowledge could be improved particularly items relating to plan on sheet eg the ‘Hunting’ Siberian Tiger card is out of place.   Marks : 73 – 1st ( 1 entry )
  • CINDERELLA     NIL Entries.
  • OPEN
  1. CHINA – PROPAGANDA MAIL of the CULTURAL REVOLUTION. Moved from Thematic to Open Class. Attractive presentation of a difficult topic with a good variety of material ( ie of propaganda types ). Need to concentrate on getting covers to fit the boxes.     Marks : 85 1st in Class ( 3 entries ).
  2. INSURANCE – A FORCE for GOOD. Moved from Thematic to Open Class as a high proportion of non-philatelic material. Good development of the theme. The non-philatelic items were illustrations rather than artefacts. Marks : 70 – 3rd in Class ( 3 entries )
  3. ABBAZIA – TOURISM BETWEEN THE WARS. Lovely exhibit, which suffered from the wrong choice of title ‘ Between the Wars’. Very good range of material. Marks : 82 – 2nd in Class ( 3 entries ).
  1. CLASSIC CARS.   Good subject to choose; a subject with potential. Needs more uniform presentation and needs to demonstrate more knowledge of the subject. There’s potential for the future.   Marks : 58 – 2nd ( 2 in Class )
  2. The BATTLES of CORONEL and the FALKLAND ISLANDS. The theme was very well presented; a good story. Lost out with photo-copies of cards. Excellent potential for the OPEN Class. Marks : 83 – 1st ( 2 in Class )

A Stanford and R A Dixon (Judges) 20/02/17




March 2017

Traditional Class

1st Tony Stanford Maidenhead ‘Bicentenary of the Al Bu-Said Dynasty’    ( 82 )

2nd Stephen Marks Oxford ‘North Borneo – Waterlow Pictorial Issues‘      ( 79 )


Postal History Class

1st Alan Cowie Oxford ‘Paquebot Mails of Japan‘                                ( 85 )

2nd Trevor Cornford Wokingham ‘Antarctic Exploration in the 1950`s’        ( 78 )

3rd Nathan Gregory Thatcham ‘Privilege of Peers and Parliamentarians’      ( 70 )


Thematic Class

1st Martin Farr Thatcham  ‘The Mighty Atom’                                   ( 75 )

2nd Mike Payne Oxford ‘Tiger,Tiger‘          ( 71 )


Open Class

1st David Potts Oxford ‘Abbazia – Tourism, Italian Rule and Yugoslav Occupation( 83 )

2nd Ray Mutton Oxford ‘Naval Battles of Coronel and Falklands 1914‘        ( 73 )

3rd Tony Lyford Windsor : ‘The Danish Enchanter’                            ( 70 )

** Trevor Cornford -Wokingham : ‘The International Geophysical Year ‘     ( 71 ) **

         ** unclassified as above limit of one entry per person



1st Tony Simmonds – Maidenhead :   Nigerian Airmails 1936 – 39           ( 84 )


Postcard Class

1st Malcolm Gascoyne – Henley ‘SW Singapore 600 No. Series’               ( 81 )



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