Officers and Committee for 2017-2018

Mr Alan Cowie

Vice – President
Mr J. W. (Bill) Jackson

Hon Joint Secretaries:
Mr David Potts (Membership)
Tel : 01865 511340 Email:
Mr Bill Jackson (Pr

Hon Treasurer
Mrs Priscilla Morris

Hon Auditor
Mr Neil Hancox

Packet Secretary
Mr E.
Alan Hills
Tel : 01865 872 092 Email:

Packet Treasurer
Mr Laurie Simmons

Committee Members
Mr Ron Brooks, Mr Arthur Rudge

Hon Competitions Manager
Mike Kitson
Tel : 01865 340 370 Email:

Hon Auctions Manager
Alan Cowie

Hon Librarian
Mr Ray Mutton

Hon Publicity Officer
Mr Simon Heap  Email:

Thames Valley & District Fedn Representatives
Mike Kitson & Mr Alan Cowie.

Refreshments Officer
Mr Ron Brooks


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