Officers and Committee for 2019-2020

   President                      David POTTS

   Vice–President                 Simon HEAP

   Hon. Treasurer            Priscilla MORRIS

   Hon. Auditor               Neil HANCOX

   Packet Secretary           Colin DAVIES

Tel : 01865 739514   Email: < >

   Packet Treasurer           Laurie SIMMONS

   Committee Members      Ray MUTTON,  Vacancy?..(another sought)

   Hon Competitions Manager   Mike KITSON

Tel : 01865 340 370   Email : < >

Hon Auctions Manager   Alan COWIE

   Hon Librarian                Alan HILLS

   Hon Publicity Officer      Simon HEAP

   Thames Valley Philatelic Federation Representatives



Alan Cowie : Highview,102 Gidley Way, Horspath, OXFORD OX33 1TD

Tel : 01865 873214     Email < >

Bill JACKSON (Programming) : Email: < >

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