ABPS Summer 2015…Simon reports on OPS activities

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Oxford Competition Winners (l to r): Colin Davies, Alan Cowie, David Potts and Mike Payne

Having being judged earlier in the year, April saw displays of our society’s thirteen 9-page competition entries. Colin Davies (GB Unperforated Line Engraved Stamps), David Potts (Fundraising Stamps of Austro-Hungary, 1906-14), Alan Cowie (Business Mail ex Japan: WW2 pre-Pearl Harbour), and Mike Payne (Turtles – an Endangered Species) are pictured with their cups and shields as winners of their classes.

Bill Jackson displayed Ireland for his President’s Evening in May. Laced with some excellent funny stories from the country, it was a presentation which both informed and entertained.

Our well-attended AGM proved a lively two hours of information and discussion. It saw Stephen Marks become our President. Alan Hughes gave a tantalising glimpse into the emerging history of the society he is conducting into our 125 year history. If any reader has any information, papers or ephemera from any period of the society’s history, then please contact him: 3 Moody Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 0DH; hughesam1@talk21.com

In July, Maidenhead Philatelic Society provided a very pleasant evening of four diverse displays on the Gulf, Nigeria, Catapult Mail and Blenheim Palace.

Every Oxford meeting begins with a vigorous bring and buy session: it is amazing how albums of priced stamps and boxes of covers can excite the membership. With fellow members looking out for things which others collect, it is a core activity which binds us together.

Simon Heap

Oxford Philatelic Society’s History

Founded in 1890 (the same year as Leeds, Manchester, and Brighton and Sussex philatelic societies), the Oxford Philatelic Society is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2015.

As part of our celebrations, we are researching the Society’s development over the last century-and-a-quarter. The present-day Oxford PS is in rude health, growing its membership, and it would be great to add to our knowledge of our Society’s long and rich history.

We seek more information, papers and ephemera from any period of the Society’s history.

If you can assist, then please contact our Researcher, Alan Hughes, 3 Moody Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 0DH: hughesam1@talk21.com

ABPS News, Spring 2015…Simon reports on OPS

[This issue had our Christmas Party photograph on the front cover!]

The society has gained six new members over the last few months, bringing total membership close to 70. As Oxford looks forward to its 125th anniversary coming up in 2015, all the membership received a note of appreciation and a badge, courtesy of the Ursula Golding Bequest. Oxford also administers the Stan Taylor Fund aimed at young stamp collectors and was happy to transfer a third £1,000 payment to Stamp Active and be acknowledged in the latest Stamp Fun – All at Sea album.

The season started with a brisk Silent Auction. Well-attended morning meetings were held on the Mediterranean and Flags/Heraldry. Malcolm Barton and Kim Stuckey of Bath and Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group provided a superb evening on the Falkland Islands. The diverse collecting interests of our membership made sure the ‘Letter S’ meeting produced a variety of displays from Sardinia, Shanghai, and Singapore, to Snakes, Spitfires, and Specimens, and lots of other ‘S’s in between. Now a regular and welcome fixture in our programme, the Christmas lunch was enjoyed by all. Oxford’s meetings are at the Methodist Church, Rose Hill, Oxford, OX4 4HS. We have a new website: https://oxfordphilatelicsociety.wordpress.com/

Dr Simon Heap

BBC Radio Oxford 15th January…Stamp discussion

Cristina Parry, BBC Oxford producer, invited David Potts to talk about stamp collecting in the light of the new issue of Alice in Wonderland stamps. Here are the details of David’s radio piece.
Move the slider along:
Start: 1 hour 34 minutes
End: 1 hour 41 minutes

Grahame Baker-Smith, who designed the Alice stamps, was interviewed earlier: Start:1 hour 12 minutes, End 1 hour 19 minutes

Then Philip Parker, head of Royal Mail Stamp Strategy, was interviewed about how stamps are commissioned: Start: 1 hour 25 minutes, End: 1hour 31 minutes

This broadcast will be available until14th February 2015

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